Saturday, October 2, 2010

Normal People Fly

I recently experienced the ride from hell. My friend and I arrived at the bus terminal in Trinidad at 7:15 AM for our 8 AM bus. The bus staff told us that our bus would leave early. Instead, it didn’t start moving until 10 AM. The ride was hot and dirty from all the dirt flying in through the windows. The woman next to us had a parrot and the girl in front of us had two chickens. With all the birds on board, the floor was littered with rice grains.
Around 4:30 in the afternoon, we had to change buses. We waited an hour before we were packed into a minibus with 12 other people! There was hardly any room to stretch and it was hot as hell. Every 15 minutes the bus driver stopped the van and all 14 of us had to get out. Then we had to pile back in again. We were supposed to be in the van for only 3 hours, but we were stuck in it for 5, during which we got three flat tires. Three! By the time we arrived in Rurrenabaque, it was 12 PM. We had left home at 7 AM. Our trip took us 17 hours! We went to the fanciest hostel we could find with hot showers and nice beds. What an adventure! Normal people take planes…

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